Lost 70 lbs with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | BJJ Columbia MD Review


0:10 – My name is Andre Mayer. I’m a software engineer working for the government. I’m 27 years old. I started about two years ago, actually exactly two years ago.

0:23 – I tried doing traditional work out type stuff. I did a lot of weight lifting and running and it was mind numbing and I couldn’t stand the thought of doing another mile on the treadmill. Doing Jujitsu is a really good, not only cardio work out, but also, I feel, like a strength and conditioning work out, but I’m not thinking about reps, like lifting weights a certain number of times, like three set of 20. I’m drilling techniques or rolling with friends and while I’m exercising. So it’s like you’re having fun and you’re not even thinking about exercising, but when you’re done you’re absolutely exhausted.

1:09 – Since I’ve started training I lost a lot of weight. I feel that my cardio has just gone through the roof. I feel like I just am in much better shape in general and just feel like I’m living a healthier lifestyle.

I started out as 245 and now I’m hovering around 175.

1:26 – So when I first decided that I was going to go, quote, unquote, ‘All in’, I was eating extremely healthy and the weight just came off immediately and I started getting a little sloppier with my diet and started eating everything, essentially, and the weight didn’t come back on. So it’s a combination of doing Jujitsu and, I guess, eating in moderation, and the weight hasn’t come back on.

1:53 – The thing that’s kept me in Jujitsu mostly has been the fact that I need this exercise in my life, and it’s fun to do at the same time. So I like being able to maintain my current lifestyle, which is mostly sitting at work and coding, and then eating whatever I want, while also not having to worry about gaining a ton of weight and just feeling sluggish all the time. So the exercise that I get here really, I feel, counters or balances the more slothful parts of my life.

Interviewer: That’s interesting. Cool. Thank you.

Andre Mayer: Is that it?

Interviewer: That’s it.

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