We went over a move during drilling that I think will make an excellent addition to my arsenal. Essentially, I have a hard time preventing people from tackling me. The basic defense is to sprawl backward, but my success with this strategy has been mixed at best. Often, if the person is determined to take me down, I cannot stop them, even with a good sprawl. The genius of the move we learned tonight was rather than sprawling, you capitalize on their forward movement to quickly transition to an inverted triangle, which cuts off the blood flow to their brain, causing them to tap in surrender (or pass out). It’s classic jiu jitsu. Rather than resisting a force head on, you redirect the force and create an opportunity for yourself to win. In a nutshell, jiu jitsu teaches you how to make lemonade from lemons. That’s the most important life lesson jiu jitsu teaches you, in my opinion.

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