Kevin – Review of Crazy 88 Jiu Jitsu – Owings Mills

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0:09 – My name is Kevin Smith. I work for an IT company down in Baltimore. I’ve been training about a year total. I had to take an 8 month break because I broke my bone. What motivated me to start training is i used to wrestle back in high school. I was actually pretty decent at it, and then I had a real good friend whose name is John Connelly, he’s awesome, and I would say, maybe a year and a half, two years ago, he approached me about training at Crazy 88.

0:36 – I went in for the free 30 days that they offer, and pretty much from day one, I knew I wanted to train. I was pretty much sold immediately, within I would say, ten minutes of the class, and been doing it ever since.

0:51 – I think the biggest misconception about mixed martial arts especially Brazilian JiuJitsu in general is that people see it as just 2 guys rolling on top of each other getting pretty weird. But, in reality, the great thing about it is that it takes away size and it takes away strength from any kind of real world situation, and it pretty much puts you as David against David instead of David against Goliath.

1:16 – I mean, when it comes to the drilling, the rolling, the coaches, the classes, everything, I like almost everything about it.

1:26 – Who do I think would be a good Crazy 88? Everyone. Everyone that I’ve trained with here is from almost every type of background you can get, but when you walk through the door, everyone is equal. It’s a good atmosphere, with good coaches and it’s a good place to be.

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