Julio – Crazy 88 Martial Arts Program Review

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0:10 – My name is Julio Rios, and I’m an intelligence analyst for the DIA.

At the time when I separated from the military, I as pretty much every one does, they usually gain a lot of weight. I was able to actually lose some weight before I actually started training in order to hopefully lose more. I wanted to do something a lot more intensive, like muay thai.

0:35 – My experience with martial arts, I think as everyone does, I did take tae kwon do when I was younger, from 7 up until I was 13. And then from there, in the military, when I was in, you know we did the army combatives, which is the army’s way of teaching grappling. Even though we did that maybe once or twice a month, at best, it still wasn’t a lot to be able to say that I know grappling.

1:02 – What keeps me training honestly is the camaraderie in this school. It’s the ability to learn from a lot of high level competitors, of guys who are doing exceptionally well in high tournaments. I feel that it’s almost like a privilege to be able to roll with them and I am trained with them; as well as the guys that don’t do tournaments, but have been coming consistently. It’s really that atmosphere of helping each other and helping each other get better that actually keeps me coming back and wanting to stay here consistently Monday through Friday, sometimes on the weekends.

1:36 – Because of jiu-jitsu, I started actually looking into fitness a lot more and seeing how I can supplement my training. So, I actually started doing more conditioning, where I’m doing stuff in the gym, where I’m lifting weights as well as doing a little extra cardio, because I realized that a strong component with grappling and with muay thai and jiu-jitsu is that physical conditioning. Anything that I can actually do to make it better or improve my skills and abilities, I’ll try to do. Especially in grappling; I didn’t know how physically demanding it was until I actually started rolling. I didn’t realize that, because I never wrestled in high school. I didn’t realized that you really use a lot of your core, a lot of your upper body, and a lot of your lower body when you’re rolling; and this is about 5 minutes of rolling. When you get a class and you get an opportunity to roll 2-3 times; and apart of that, doing the drilling, I realize that I’m really burning off a lot of calories and getting a really good workout in.

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