Sophia – Crazy 88 Kickboxing Program Review

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0:10 – Hi, my name is Sophia, I am a kindergarten teacher.

I started coming here approximately 2 1/2 years ago, I’m guessing, I had no martial arts background prior to that. So, probably within the first year I was here, I was getting to understand it. Then about 9 months in, I went for my certification. For the level one. I’ve been sparring for a little over a year now.

0:48 – Well, so I was tired of being on the treadmill all the time. And so I called my sister, she knows a lot about sports. She’s definitely the more sporty sister between the two of us. She told me to do martial arts. She does Jiu Jitsu so she wanted me to do Jiu Jitsu. I was like, no it’s like wrestling and I don’t really want to do that. So, she’s like OK, why don’t you try Muay Thai. It’s actually punching and kicking, it’s not like wrestling. So, I was like OK. So, she showed me some clips of it and she did the research behind the gym. What gym is the most friendly gym. What gym is like the good gym for people to start off in with martial arts. She did the background and she came up with Crazy 88. I walked in and I just started loving it right away.

1:34 – I did my first fight. I competed already. I thought that was really challenging in a way, because it wasn’t just fighting. I mean, technically we spar and we fight in the gym a lot. But it also required me to also maintain a strict diet so I could make my weight. You know, push myself a little further while having a career. It was extremely challenging. Even though I didn’t have the outcome I wanted, I definitely see it as a victory to really push myself to do a competition while there are a lot of other things I’m trying to juggle in life.

2:09 – I also like to think that this is the strongest I’ve ever been in my life. For the first time ever, I have biceps. Which is kind of cool. I’ve never been, I’ve done other sports but none of the other sports have got me to the level of being, you know, fit and physically active as the way that I want to be. I realize I can overcome all those fears by just keep training hard. I realize it’s not as scary as I thought it was, you know. I sometimes do get punched in the face. Especially when I’m training with a lot more experienced people and it’s something I’m able to do. Whereas, at first it was actually something that really scared me. This is something that doesn’t scare me anymore.

2:53 – I would recommend it to just about anybody. I really would. I think people who are looking for something more adventurous, people who are even starting out in fitness. It’s a great way to be, there are definitely different types of programs here. Where you don’t have to, you know, fight people every day and get hit in the face all the time. You know, there are definitely classes where they focus on how to punch and how to kick and still get a workout in. That’s how I started.

3:22 – When I first started here at the gym, I never thought about getting kicked in the face, you know and everything. So, I definitely recommend to just about anybody. To people who are looking for something new. People who want to do something fun. People who want to challenge themselves. These are all people who I think should check it out, absolutely.


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