David – Review of Crazy 88 MMA Program

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0:00 – My name is Dave Goodwin. Currently, I am basically just training all the time. My athletic background, I played three years Division 1 football at St. Francis University in Western Pennsylvania and I was offensive tackle there.

0:13 – The first time I ever did mixed martial arts is actually at a gym closer to my house than Crazy 88’s. And the first day I went in, they handed me gloves, asked if I had a mouthpiece and said alright, “Do what you think boxing is.” And I went [came to the guy], and they’ll train for about a year and a half and they said “go.” And I saw a big guy that never gone in there start swinging for the fences, so I went in to defense mode. After that I took… it was three or four months that I didn’t go back there before I found Crazy 88’s and I decided to give it a second shot. So, I guess, yes, I did have reservations eventually.

0:50 – The people here have been great. You go, you can sit in on a class and you can be sitting next to somebody who’s been playing high level sports and on the other side you have a stay at home mom or an accountant that works nine to five. It’s not the meat-head environment that you expect from a MMA gym that scares a lot of people away.

1:12 – Whenever you hear of mixed martial arts, you think UFC and you immediately start thinking head-bashing and big steroid juice heads that want to just beat you and that’s not what you see here at Crazy 88’s. You see a lot more of a family environment where anyone can train but at the same time you still receive that top quality instruction from high-level coaches.

My goals for mixed martial arts right now are to compete at the highest level that I can. I’m trying every day to get a little better.

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