Andrew – Review of Muay Thai Kickboxing Program

By March 18, 2014Blog, Gym Reviews

0:00 – My name is Andrew Simms, and I do integrated security. Well, I train here with my son. My son actually motivated me, you know. Because I had a health… Because I went to the doctor, and the doctor told me I had high blood pressure. She said I had to lose weight, or else I’d be on high blood pressure pills. So, my son said “You have to do something.”

0:27 – So, me and my wife had come here before to check it out, and my son said ‘Well, why don’t you Crazy 88? It’s not like going to a regular gym. It’s like having a personal trainer already there.’ So, I came with my son, and I’m having a ball here ever since. Well, I lost over 40 pounds. When I came in, I was at 205. And now I’m down to 160-165, or something in that area.

1:00 – The biggest thing was, I didn’t think that I’d be able to get it. I thought that I would be a little too slow, and I’d be holding everybody up. After the coaches work with you, and they made it so easy for you to get into the swing of things. They tell you you’re going to mess up, but you’re going to get it. Just keep on pushing through. So, they made it a comfortable situation.

It’s not “Come on! Do it! Do it! Do it!” It’s like, you’ll get it. Take some time. Work on the technique. And then you’ll get the speed, and you get the power, and everything.

1:38 – Actually, my blood pressure is down. My cholesterol is down. I still have the goals that I set for myself. I’m having a baby in May, and I want actually have abs by May. So, they’re working with me. The coaches are actually working with me. They tell me what I should eat, and what I should take to rejuvenate my muscles and everything. They’re really helpful.

2:07 – 32 years old, and I it seems like ever since I hit 29, I just went down, you know, got married, got the married weight. I did have a fear. But coming here, everybody’s so friendly. They work with you. It’s a family here. So, whatever obstacles you’re going through, you can talk to them and they work with you. They help you along.

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