Nick – Review of Crazy 88 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & No Gi Grappling Program

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NICK: Hi, my name is Nick LaSalle, I’ve been here since 2009, I have a wrestling background from high school, I wrestled four years. I used to train at UMBC and the competition was very nil, it wasn’t very strong, and when I heard about Crazy 88 from my friends, I heard that the competition was very high, so I was kind of nervous about competing with people that are high level.

0:28 – I’ve been training here for almost five years, so I guess that high level competition, I’m used to it; training against high level partners, so it helps to improve my own game.

0:42 – I would say definitely becoming a blue belt after about a year and a half of training here at Crazy 88. That was one of my biggest accomplishments. I think it’s such a big accomplishment to get a belt higher than a white belt. I think getting a blue belt here means more than getting a blue belt at any other school because it’s this much harder here, because it’s not just given to you, it’s not just due to your training, your level of ability, it’s kind of like an accumulation of everything.

1:15 – In the last couple of years I’ve been able to transition to more jujitsu and using jujitsu techniques rather than just using wrestling. I think if I was with any other school I would still use wrestling a lot more than I do now, and I wouldn’t have the jujitsu techniques that I have.

1:33 – I would say that everyone is pretty easy going, it’s easy to relate to other people. Everyone comes here from any kind of profession, or from school, it’s just kind of like an accumulation of everyone here together to create the team.

I would say that this school does not have any big egos, people are not out there to kill you, and out there to hurt you or injure you.

2:03 – People are really conscientious about injuries and how they can plague other people, so they’re very conscientious about when they roll or when they train with each other not to have this happen.

2:12 – If you want to be a world class competitor you’re able to do so, and you’re given the
skill and the techniques and the training in order to do so.

If you just wanted to be a local jujitsu practitioner, you just want to learn jujitsu and be able to have those martial arts skills you’re able to do so as well, so it’s kind of like the path you choose. You can either be a high level competitor, you can even be a mid-level competitor, or not even compete at all and still progress in your jujitsu lifestyle.

2:46 – INTERVIEWER: Do you feel pressure? Do you feel that there’s pressure to do competitions or anything like that?

NICK: I don’t see that there’s any pressure to compete if you don’t want to, it’s purely your own choice if you want to compete or not.

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