Thankfully, we didn’t drill the cobra strike triangle again tonight. My back is still sore from that. My drilling partner for tonight was very committed, so we sweated a lot. It was a good workout, but didn’t strain any particular muscle group. I began working on the half guard lessons at Gracie University just the other day. Some people prefer to play half guard all the time. I’m not one of those people. However, no matter what kind of jiu jitsu game you play, you will often find yourself in half guard. I didn’t intend to practice half guard a lot tonight, since I usually try to transition to full guard or open guard as fast as possible. However, I sparred with a strong white belt, who outweighed me by enough, that I found it difficult to prevent him from getting past one or both of my legs (half guard is when he gets past one of your legs). Given the size difference, I can confidently say that, had I wrestled him two days ago (before I began the half guard lessons), he probably would have blasted right through my half guard. Even tonight, he had me in side control for a prolonged period. The fact that I could escape to half guard, then effectively control his movement, meant that I was eventually able to recover full guard, and go back on the offensive. After class, our head coach again complimented me on my progress. I told him that, judging by how many years it takes the average person to get good at jiu jitsu, I still have a long road ahead of me, but that I also felt like I was improving little by little. He responded by saying that I was already better than 99.9% of the human population. Actually, without sounding boastful, I think he is right. The amazing thing about jiu jitsu is that most students from a reputable school can completely dominate the average person on the street after only six months to a year of training. The way I know this is that I periodically spar with people who are new to jiu jitsu (like the guy last night). Even though most of them are bigger and stronger than me, I now have the ability to completely shut them down if I want to…and I’m still a white belt!

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