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0:00 – Terry Smith. I’m a paramedic for Baltimore City Fire Department. Myself, my son, and my sister all train here. Originally, my sister was looking on the Internet for a place that teaches Muay Thai and she found Crazy 88. After going to the women’s only class for several months and seeing the other kids that were doing the kids’ classes, I brought my son, Gavin, here to see if he would be interested in it.

0:32 – He liked it. He’s been here for a few years, now. I think it’s given him something to look forward to. It keeps him active. He likes coming here every day. It helps him focus. He’s done wrestling for a few years and he wasn’t a big fan of competing in wrestling. He would just go to practice and go through the motions. Tim Spriggs had suggested to Gavin, ‘Well, maybe you should try . . .’

I think the first one he did was the good fight. Gavin did that and he was kind of nervous at first, but then he was like, ‘Oh. This isn’t that much different than wrestling.’ When he was out there competing, he was actually really comfortable and was ready to do it again.

1:28 – It makes me happy because now we can do the same thing together. I guess good competition is with your son. I think when he saw that he’s good at it and he was actually winning, it gave him more confidence and he’s asking, now, ‘When is the next one? When can I do another one?’

1:57 – You worry about if it’s safe, or could there could possibly be any injuries, because you hear people say, ‘In martial arts, you’ll break this or you’ll break that,’ but that’s not true at all. I guess when the little kids are doing it and you essentially are getting taught the same thing, it’s safe. I’ve never had any problems with Gavin getting injured or myself. It gives you confidence if you have to deal with kids that are bullies or being mean and it also gives you more self control. If somebody is picking on you or going to try to beat you up, you have more self control as far as what you can do to defend yourself maybe without actually even hurting that other person. I think it’s good for kids, also.


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