Tonight, it was brutal. We drilled something called the cobra strike triangle, which is a great technique, but is a real strain on the lower back, if you do the drill for too long. Here’s the drill. One person is on their back, while the other is standing. The person on their back shoots his legs high into the air and drapes one of his legs over the back of the neck of the person standing. The person on bottom then proceeds to pull the standing person down into a triangle choke. The reason it strains the standing person’s back is that the standing person is bent over, carrying much of the weight of a grown man around his neck, for a prolonged period of time. After that, we did our usual hour of sparring. Fortunately, I was paired with a relative beginner for much of the sparring. Even though he was strong and tried really hard, his lack of technique made it such that I could achieve dominant positions without hardly trying (which gave my back muscles a much needed breather).

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