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0:00 – My name is Romel Brian Romano, originally from the Philippines. I moved in the states 2008. I’m a banquet captain in Baltimore Marina Waterfront. So, basically I do events.

I joined last year, late August 2013. I’ve been training Muay Thai and I really love it. It really changed my life training in this gym. It made me do Muay Thai because I got into a really bad habit that I was becoming alcoholic. I’ve been drinking pretty much everyday to be honest. It’s just becoming a bad habit and it’s affecting my life, my career.

0:51 – So it came to my mind that I need to have a good habit. So I went online, tried to find a gym. So I saw on Facebook Crazy 88 pops up, I checked it online and one day, just walked into the gym. I like Muay Thai because it teaches me discipline, how to work hard, how to be consistent, how to respect people, and especially, how to listen to your teacher or coach. And it teaches you how to be a better person.

1:31 – My work performance went higher mentally. Physically, I’m ready to any type of stress. I’m fully energized. I can work 15, 16 hours a day and not have any problem. I’m in shape and I got better since I joined the gym.

1:55 – The most difficult part, before, is the discipline, for me. But now, it’s become a habit. So everything is a routine. I enjoy coming in here. I never complain. I’m always happy training. I see everyone getting better and better and it just motivates me everyday.

2:18 – I would say is, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. When I walk into this gym, I don’t even have an idea about Muay Thai. I never fought before. I really don’t like fighting. But it’s such a good habit. You will learn a lot and you will gain so much.

2:37 – Actually, whatever you see in the TV, you see they’re mean, fighting but as soon as you get with them in the gym, they’re the most amazing people you will meet ever in your life. They’re very friendly, approachable, if you need any help with your coaches, they’re always there for you. Especially, your teammates, they’re the most important thing. They’re always there for you and help you out and get better together. And it’s such a great environment in here.

My short-term goals is to get better and in the future, I want to fight an amateur and let’s see from there. If I get better an better, maybe you’ll see me in the TV fighting.

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