I feel like I’m making good progress in my jiu jitsu game. Not surprisingly, the biggest holes in my game are in areas where I have not yet developed appropriate responses. For example, one of the blue belts I wrestled tonight is really good at Berimbolo and De La Riva. On a good night, the best I can do against him is to neutralize his attack. However, I am rarely able to progress against him, because my guard passing technique still occasionally leaves me vulnerable to the Berimbolo. If I concentrate, I can usually avoid falling into the trap, but not always, especially against a good Berimbolo player like him. Another blue belt is very strong, and good at passing my open guard, which is no where near as developed as my closed guard. In fact, when I finally got both of them into my closed guard, I was better able to keep them on the defensive. I think I have the raw components of a decent open guard game, but I still haven’t connected a few dots. My inclination at this point is to further develop my hook sweep and cross sweep. I think I may be able to find a way to use them either as sweeps, or as a way to bait people into other guards, such as X guard or De La Riva.

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