Khadija – Kids Program Review

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0:00 – My name is Khadija and we currently have four children in the kids martial arts program here. My husband also takes classes.

0:10 – I’m a busy mom with six kids. I do run my own business with my husband. We own the Henna Sooq which is a natural hair care business specializing in henna and Ayurveda hair care for our clients and also do henna art which is temporary tattoo’s. Then I teach a lot as well. I go to different conferences to teach.

0:31 – We decided to enroll in Crazy 88 in particular because it’s also a good location. It’s close to where we live and my husband is very active when it comes to martial arts and programs. He was a big factor in us deciding to be part of the program here. We also like the structure and just the teachers. Everyone was very welcoming. We had a very good first impression.

0:53 – When deciding on which martial arts school to go to we were specifically looking for one that was doing Brazilian Jujitsu mixed martial arts. We chose Crazy 88 because also we want our children to have a lot of confidence, learn different mix of martial arts.

1:11 – For us, since our kids do a lot of different sports, especially they do wrestling and they play football as well, we found that the martial arts here at Crazy 88 compliments what they’re already currently doing and also strengthens in areas that they need for the other sports that they really love.

1:30 – I find that at Crazy 88 they’re involved with the child. Not just at the school here, at Crazy 88 but in school where your children go, attend school. That’s part of the belt testing process. That they, the teachers will fill in and say how good the kids doing at school. It becomes more like a family. Like they’re part of your child’s life beyond just martial arts. It’s a whole unit of, it’s a family.

1:57 – There’s a lot of options. So there’s a lot of options as far as payment plans go and also based on how long you want to try it out for. We made an informed decision basically on what you’re going to be involved in.

As far as kids using it on the school ground it kind of rarely happens. Most of the kids know that it’s used when needed and that’s part of the martial arts program that they learn that.

2:25 – As far as who I recommend that takes martial arts, I do believe that it’s for everyone. I believe every background, every walk of life, every person can benefit from taking martial arts. Because martial arts is also a way of life. It combines being athletic and being healthy and being conscientious of being a good person. It embodies everything from within yourself, your spirit to the outside.

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