Worked a lot from the bottom during sparring. I feel like my X guard has a lot of potential, but I need to better understand how to prevent the most common ways to defeat X guard. In terms of entry into the position, I have settled on entry from De La Riva, but since I’m primarily only going to X guard, I have to particularly watch out for the leg drag pass. The other thing that can go wrong during entry is that your legs can be stuffed between their legs, prior to you getting your legs crossed against their far leg. The result is that you get mounted, which is not good. The other challenge with X guard is coming on top after the sweep. If you don’t control their legs once you’ve swept them, they can fairly easily stand back up, meaning you have to work that much harder to sweep them again, further depleting your energy reserves. If this goes on for too long, you eventually run out of gas, and usually end up in the bottom of side control as a result. I’m hoping my home room teacher, who is a big fan of X guard himself, can help me develop a solid X guard game in the coming months.

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