I’m starting to take people’s backs with far more regularity. That’s a good thing for me, since it requires the least amount of energy to control my opponent, while affording a number of submission possibilities. There’s just one problem. Although I’ve learned a variety of submissions for the back in class, I’ve never been able to test them in sparring, because that requires you to take someone’s back, which I couldn’t do very well until recently. In other words, I don’t yet have a reliable submission from the back. All this made me realize that my bottom strategy of going for omoplatas was missing the big picture, which is that my final destination should be the person’s back. To that end my bottom game should primarily be about sweeping to get on top and eventually to the back. I think this strategy will give me the best chance for success, since staying on bottom and defending guard passes is not a sustainable strategy, especially against larger opponents. I eventually get tired this way, and then it’s game over for me. My goal for the next few months will be to work on taking and keeping the back, and then setting up submissions from there. If I am on bottom, my goal will be to find a way to the person’s back, either by sweeping and getting on top, or going to the back directly, if the opportunity presents itself. I will try to keep the side control arm bar in my arsenal as well, since that has also been effective for me.

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