I keep notes on every move I have been taught since beginning jiu jitsu. I have been introduced to well over 350 moves so far. The vast majority of moves don’t have a name of any kind, so I make up my own name and give each move a number. My iPhone has an app that allows me to take notes on the moves, as well as sort them by category. What’s interesting is that I actually seem to use only a tiny fraction of the moves during sparring. Often, this is because I haven’t yet figured out whether or if I should even incorporate the move into my game. Lately, I have been finding that I will encounter a problem during sparring, only to realize later on that I had previously learned a move to deal with precisely that type of situation, but had completely forgotten about it. I now find myself making a mental note to try the move during my next sparring session. During tonight’s class, I decided to try a move that I originally learned on November 8, 2012. As it turns out, we went over the move again in class on December 27, 2013. That’s right! Jiu jitsu has so many moves, more than a year had passed since the last time I had gone over this move in class! The good news is that the move worked like a charm when I tried it out during tonight’s sparring. I used it to pass someone’s guard two times in a row. That’s encouraging, because he knew what I was going to try the second time, and it worked anyway. In case you were wondering, my name for the move is “Heavy hips De La Riva guard pass” (move 14).

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