My BJJ gym is called Crazy88. Well, tonight, it definitely lived up to its name! It definitely was a crazy class. After ten minutes of cardio, we spent the next hour and fifteen minutes sparring. At the end of that, we did suicide drills for ten minutes. Suicide drills involve things like sprinting up and down the mat etc. At one point, we had to run down the mat carrying a person on our shoulders. I had the misfortune of pairing up with a 215 pound man for that part. I carried him all the way down the first time, but I couldn’t hold him steady coming back without dropping him, so he carried me instead. The idea of this type of drill is to build your cardio to the point where you can go full bore for ten minutes, the length of a black belt jiu jitsu match. You can have the best technique in the world, but if you get tired after 30 seconds, you’re chances of winning become greatly diminished. During the previous class, our head coach explained a subtle detail about the De La Riva guard that allowed me to prevent the knee cut pass with far greater success during tonight’s sparring. After making the adjustment, it also gave me an idea for how I might transition to either Omoplata or X guard from De La Riva. I’m looking forward to incorporating this into my game after coming back from the holidays.

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