Nick Delpopolo & Carrie Chandler run 10 Day Judo Workshop

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This past couple weeks, Crazy 88 was lucky enough to welcome Nick Delpopolo and Carrie Chandler for a 10 day Judo workshop. Now everyone is nice and sore from being thrown repeatedly from hours on end, but there was a lot of benefit to go with that pain and suffering!

Nick and Carrie

Nick and Carrie have been long time friends of Crazy 88, and have always visited for seminars, usually one or two days long. This was the first time we had the pleasure of an extended stay from the Olympian and Carrie.  Nick Delpopolo represented the USA in Judo in the 2012 London Olympics and Carrie Chandler was an Olympic Qualifier (she suffered an injury that prevented her from continuing her judo career).

With Judo being as complicated as it is, it is very hard to retain and reinforce the techniques learned from a one-day seminar, unless you are the Rain Man of combat sports. Having the two with us to give their incredibly nice, immediate feedback was extremely valuable.  These two have played an instrumental role in developing the takedown game that Crazy 88 has become known for on the Jiu Jitsu scene.

Not everyone knows this, but in competitive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu there is an extremely high vulnerability to Judo. Because most of the match takes place on the ground, many competitors neglect takedowns. This translates to having the stand-up game of a baby deer. That’s where Nick and Carrie come in. Having come from an Olympic level Judo background, they find it easy to exploit holes in typical jiu jitsu stances and takedowns.  Each visit is started with a conference with Head Coach Julius Park so they can combine their collective grappling minds into a true MegaMind – ensuring that the Judo works in the BJJ environment and that the techniques fit into the overall development of the athletes at Crazy 88.

More Judo = less butt-scooting

More Judo = less butt-scooting

Even though multiple cruciate ligaments (things that hold your knee joint together) were sacrificed in the process, Crazy8 8 gained a huge boost in our takedown technique as an entire team. The techniques and tweaks learned from this workshop will make the school better as the new students coming up are ingrained with this knowledge.

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