Tonight was the first time in quite a while that I have submitted anyone. That’s the way it goes in the advanced class. The first guy wasn’t much to brag about, since I started from the top of side control, so I already had an advantage. On the other hand, he was a newer white belt with not much of a guard, so I probably could have passed and ended up in side control anyway. I caught him in a reverse triangle, then isolated his arm for a Kimura. It’s one of those moves that you don’t even know to defend unless you’re already familiar with the setup. The other guy was a small purple belt. I normally don’t make much headway when sparring with him, but for some reason, I was able to pull off a Berimbolo and take his back. I’m not even very good at Berimbolos! I think he was letting me do it to him to some extent. Upper belts do that sometimes in order to assess your progress. I was so surprised it worked that I paused for a second in disbelief, until he told me to keep going. I was eventually able to transition to mount and slap on a Roger Gracie cross choke. Again, I NEVER pull that one off in sparring. I don’t think he was even trying to defend by that point. No matter, it was nice to pull off a clean submission anyway.

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