I felt like my energy level was better tonight. Also, I tried to relax more in sparring, even when going against a brown belt. This helped me to not tire out so quickly, albeit at the expense of having my guard passed with a bit more frequency than the previous evening. One of the things that is still lacking in my bottom game is a solid attacking strategy. So far, my bottom game is mostly defensive in nature. I know it’s not sustainable, since I often tire out from defending the guard pass before the guy on top tires out from his pass attempts. I need to get better at converting my bottom game from a primarily defensive game to a game where I am simultaneously attacking and defending. I believe I have learned enough moves by now that I know intellectually how this might be done. However, I still haven’t incorporated all of the necessary elements into my sparring strategy. It’s like learning to cook. You know which dishes you would like to make, but don’t know if the recipe will fit into your repertoire until you’ve tried to make it a few times.

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