I was a little sluggish tonight for some reason. My right knee was a little stiff going into class, but it loosened up by the end of the warmup. I sparred against a strong white belt, who is not as technical as me, but has a powerful Kimura, my Achilles heel. I did reasonably well against him for most of the match, up until he passed my guard near the end. I was trying to get to deep half, but I couldn’t get my arm free to get it under his leg, which is normally how you would protect it in that position. My next match was against a purple belt. He didn’t do much. He simply let me do the attacking, presumably to assess my progress (either that, or he didn’t feel like he needed to waste a lot of energy on a white belt). I moved reasonably well throughout the match, but tired myself out trying to keep him from passing my guard, which he finally did anyway. By this point, I was completely out of gas. Next up…brown belt! I did my best to work from the bottom and conserve what little energy I could muster, but upper belts are very good at making you expend a lot of energy without doing much of anything themselves. I typically get a good workout during jiu jitsu, but I don’t often completely gas out like that. I think I need to figure out a way to not let the upper belts dictate the pace during sparring. Of course, if I knew how to do that, I myself would be an upper belt.

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