I was relieved to see the white belt who hurt his knee last time return to class this evening. Although he skipped sparring, the fact that he was back in class so soon shows his level of dedication. Tonight was also the first time I have sparred with the white belt that practically ripped my arm out of its socket (at least, that was the way it felt to me). I was far more cautious in sparring with him this time, but I could tell that he was very tense. Fortunately, even though he is physically much stronger than me, he doesn’t have a very good guard, so I tried to stay in dominant positions as much as possible, and work for a submission. He was so determined to not let me get anything that he had his muscles tensed up for minutes at a time. I would have gassed out, had I used his strategy, but he didn’t seem to tire too much. He was able to recover guard several times, and finally got a hold of me, and muscled me over for the mount. I was so worried about him going for another Kimura that I didn’t protect my neck at all while I was trying to recover guard. He ended up catching me in an Ezekiel choke, which I decided not to defend. I figured it would be safer to tap, and start over on top, than risk another injury. I think I’ll eventually get to the point where I will be able to neutralize the games of some of the bigger guys, but my technique needs to become a lot sharper in order to make up for the size disadvantage. I’m not there yet, but I’m inching ever closer.

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