Crazy 88 2nd Place at No Gi Pan; No Shows Medal Stand

The sweatiest, smelliest venue around.

The sweatiest, smelliest venue around.

Each year the No-Gi Pan Ams take place at the New York City College. This year we sent a small squad of competitors made up of Devon Delbrugge, Peter Petties, Tim Spriggs, Jon Connelly, Chris Tran, and Tye Murphy. With only seven competitors, the team managed to place second at a tournament in the hometown of Marcelo Garcia and Renzo Gracie academies.

The No-Gi Pan Ams is the first of the two major no-gi tournaments run by the IBJJF. With the tournament taking place in New York, a lot of tough competitors show up. Both Marcelo Garcia and Renzo Gracie have their academies based in New York, so naturally these teams both have upwards of 50+ competitors entering the tournament. Not to mention New York has about as many BJJ gyms as it does Starbuck’s (slight exaggeration).

The tournament started out with the blue belt competitors, Peter Petties and Jon Connelly. Pete fought some tough competitors, had some great poses for the photographers, and placed third in his weight class. Connelly made his way through a large Blue Belt Lightweight division, scoring Silver.

Peter Petties No Gi Pan

A rare photo of Peter Petties participating in a Grappling Competition

Next up were purple belts Chris Tran and Devon Delbrugge. Chris Tran had been training with College Park’s Mixed Martial Arts club on campus for the past month, which consists of mostly white belts. Despite his training situation, “Short Round” still managed to nab himself a gold medal. After a relatively easy first and second round match, Devon faced Lucas Moutinho (GF Team).  Devon and Lucas have been trading matches over the past 6 months, in IBJJF tournaments across the USA.  This time Devon ended up being disqualified in the quarter-finals for an unintentional knee reap as he defended a guard pass.

Tye Murphy and Timmy Spriggs were up next in the stacked brown belt divisions. Tye battled it out with the competitor he had previously beaten in the finals of the worlds and lost the match on points. Timmy plowed through his weight class as well as the Open division, taking Double Gold.  Along the way, he defeated two members of Marcelo Garcia’s famed “Brown Belt Dream Team” (note: Timmy is undefeated against the “Dream Team”)

At the end of the day the team had performed well in hostile territory. Unfortunately, we had no idea that we actually placed in the team standings, so no one stayed for the podium picture. At least the IBJJF was nice enough to mail us our trophy.

Crazy 88 No Show No Gi Pan Medal Stand


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