Tonight was interesting. Back in January, I had been sitting out of class and watching, due to bruised ribs. The coach showed a weird move that I couldn’t wrap my head around, and I hadn’t yet figured out that I should be taking notes. I reasoned that if the move was important enough, it would eventually be shown again. Tonight was the first class since then in which that move was shown, except for this time, I was able to practice it enough to remember it and write notes. Sparring went alright. The only person I scored against was another white belt who wasn’t too much heavier than me. I passed his guard, but then started to get too fancy, and he slipped out into half guard. I decided to try for a Brabo choke, which I rarely do in sparring. Of course, it didn’t work, and he escaped and then eventually passed my guard just before the match ended. Sometimes, I have a hard time defending the guard pass when the guy is running around my legs too fast, darting back and forth. I can hold out for a little while, but in a war of attrition (his running back and forth, and me break dancing around in order to keep my legs between me and him), I often run out of energy and eventually let the guy pass in order to conserve energy. If they’re not that great at submissions, about my size, and/or are taking it easy on me, this usually works. Otherwise, I eventually have to tap, unless I can escape, which sometimes happens as well. On a positive note, I did get to work on my deep half a bit. After reviewing the footage of my matches on Saturday, I came to the conclusion that I might have been able to hold out for a bit longer if my deep half guard had been more polished. Something to work on for the future.

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