As I suspected, I was only one of two white belts to show up tonight. I’m assuming that everyone took the night off in order to rest up for tomorrow’s white belt tournament. The other white belt tonight doesn’t plan on going tomorrow. Actually, this worked to my benefit, since I got to work with a brown belt during drilling, and all the upper belts took it easy on me during sparring. The white belts are the most dangerous to spar with, because they usually are way too aggressive. I can handle it when there is not much of a size difference, but I often give up at least 40 or 50 pounds against some of the heavier guys. People say that size doesn’t matter in jiu jitsu, but I say it sure does matter if you’re matched with someone of equal or superior skill. Fortunately, tomorrow’s tournament will have weight divisions, so I actually think I should be able to hold my own. If I can do alright against similar sized blue belts, the white belts of similar size shouldn’t pose a problem, especially when judo is thrown into the mix.

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