Tonight, the coach showed mercy during sparring. He had the class divide into one group above 170 pounds, and one group below 170 pounds. I was the only one of two guys under 170. The rest in my group were women. This might sound like a walk in the park, but the women who stick around long enough to be in an advanced jiu jitsu class are there for a reason. In fact, the female blue belt was able to dominate most of our match, whereas my match against the male blue belt was more of a stalemate. He did submit me once, but that was because I decided to experiment with deep half, which is not one of my stronger positions. I did end up using some judo on him. I threw him with a modified ko uchi gari from my knees while he was standing over me. I was a little worried that he might be hurt, so I tried to pull back a little, but he fell anyway. I apologized, but he said it was fine. I try not to rely on my judo if I can help it, but sometimes the old reflexes kick in, especially during the scrambles. I might use more judo later on, especially against upper belts, but for now, I’m trying to perfect my BJJ, rather than resort to things I already know well. However, for the white belt tournament on Saturday, where the matches will start from the feet, I probably will rely on Judo, since it will be a competition, and my opponents should be experienced enough to take falls without getting injured. My game plan is to stick to my strengths, which in Judo, has always been foot sweeps. If I can close the distance right away, and pull off an o soto gari, that should set me up nicely to work my jiu jitsu top game.

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