Tonight marked a major milestone for me. It was the first time that I have ever been able to pass the guard of a skilled blue belt for long enough to mount a sustained attack. The blue belt was a bit smaller in size than me, but not by much. Also, he has routinely taken my back and submitted me over the past few months, albeit with less and less frequency with each passing week. Although he was initially able to lock in a triangle, I was able to escape using the defense that Chael Sonnen attempted unsuccessfully against Anderson Silva in UFC 117. It’s not a bad option, if the person has you in a tight triangle, and you are unable to fully posture out of it. Chael Sonnen just had the misfortune of being triangled by Anderson Silva, whose jiu jitsu skills are at a very high level, despite being better known for his striking abilities. Luckily, I wasn’t being triangled by someone with Silva’s skills, or else I might have suffered the same fate. In any case, I was fairly dominant the rest of the match. Even though I didn’t submit him, the fact that I was able to hold him in dominant positions for so long was a major step forward. I think even he was happy for me. Of the other two blue belts I sparred with, one of them was closer to my size, and we ended in stalemate. Actually, we ended up in 50/50 guard, with him trying for some foot locks. I’m not used to the 50/50, so I was happy that I was able to weather the storm and fend off the foot locks. The third blue belt outweighed me by a considerable amount. Still, I didn’t think I did too badly against him. He did pass my guard and submit me once, but other than that, I thought I was able to neutralize him pretty well.

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