We had a substitute instructor tonight, so class didn’t go over time too much. We worked on lasso guard moves, which were interesting, but not my primary focus right now. During sparring, I tend to use lasso guard to transition to closed guard, if I can. Sparring was not too stressful. I seem to be lasting longer against some of the guys that were submitting me multiple times, only a few weeks ago. I’m still struggling to improve my kimura defense, mainly because there is only one person who regularly attempts it, so I’m not expecting it. Also, he has much more upper body strength than me, meaning that my kimura defense has to be perfect, or he will catch me with it. Even though he submitted me with the kimura again tonight, I felt as though I was able to defend against it longer tonight than last week. Also, toward the end of the match, I was able to get him into my closed guard and even go on the offensive a little. Sometimes, it takes a few times going against a guy for you to figure out his game and adapt to it. I think if I spar with him a few more times, I will be able to develop a better defense against his most common attacks.

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