For the last few weeks, my left wrist has been a bit tender at times, making it difficult to put all my weight on it during push-ups (unless I do fist push-ups). I’m happy to say that it isn’t bothering me as much right now. That’s because I messed up my right wrist even more on Friday, so I’m not as aware of the pain in my left wrist. That’s the way it goes in Jiu Jitsu. There’s always some little bump, bruise, ache or pain. The reason I don’t mind this aspect of training so much is that the aches and pains would be there whether I did Jiu Jitsu or not. Actually, most of the back and neck pain that I had experienced prior to starting Jiu Jitsu is no longer a problem. On balance, I’ll take the bumps and bruises of Jiu Jitsu over inactivity any day. Tonight’s class was split into two groups. The ones who had stronger bottom games were in one group, while the ones with a strong top game were in the other group. I was in the group with the strong bottom game. Each group worked on its weakness, so our group worked on our top game. That was fine with me, since I’ve been trying to focus on my top game for the last month or more. I feel like I’m making small improvements each class. Tonight, I was able to pass the guards of all the smaller or less technically skilled people. My next goal is to be able to pass the guards of the blue belts that weigh about the same as me. After that, I will work on passing the guards of the stronger white belts. Of course, some people’s guards are almost impossible to pass. For these people, I will consider myself successful if I can do nothing else but to maintain top position against them, without getting swept or submitted.

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