There were only three other white belts in class tonight. The rest were all upper belts. I prefer it that way anyway, since the white belts usually don’t have as much control. Only one of the white belts really gave me trouble. He’s strong and fast, and has a really good arm bar set up that is hard to defend. I’m making good progress on my guard passing game. I even was close to passing the guard of a small purple belt. I did manage to take the back of a blue belt, but it was more a function of me capitalizing on his failed Berimbolo, than anything I was trying to do as part of my planned strategy. Still, at least it means that I’m developing an answer to the Berimbolo. I did better at back defense tonight than last time. In the interim, I had realized the mistake I had been making previously, and made it a point to not repeat history. This saved me from getting bow arrow choked, although I still need to shore up my defenses to the kimura and the arm bar.

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