Tonight went much better than last night. Our resident black belt opened the floor for questions, so I described the problems I had been having with my guard passing. He made a few suggestions, which I was immediately able to apply during sparring. I think I only got caught in one triangle tonight, which I was thankfully able to escape. I would say my guard passing improved by about 10%, with the help of his feedback. However, I was running on fumes by the end of class. We sparred for what seemed like an hour, but probably wasn’t quite that long. I was happy just to survive until the end of class. Who cares who submitted who by that point! The thing that made me feel really old, though, was after this grueling two hour marathon BJJ class, one of the brown belts still had enough energy to climb up and down the hanging rope two or three times, just with his arms! I don’t think I could have done that, even when I was in my 20s. I may one day be able to master the techniques of jiu jitsu, but I don’t see climbing a rope like that in my future, especially not after a grueling two hour workout. I have to admit it is quite humbling to be around world class athletes.

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