I felt much better going into class tonight. I’m pretty much over whatever illness I had on Tuesday. Since Tuesday, I had been watching some video on guard passing strategies, and felt that the guard passing strategy presented by BJJ world champion Rafael Lovato Jr. in his tutorial might be just what I was looking for. I was determined to try the moves he showed against every sparring partner I went against tonight. The short story is that I repeatedly got my rear end handed to me for my efforts. I was getting submitted, swept, reversed, kneed in the face (actually, that was an accident), you name it! And yet… I felt like there were a few things that came out of it that gave me confidence that I was on the right track. For one thing, I wasn’t expending the ridiculous amount of energy required for bullfighting guard passing. For another thing, I felt like I was at least able to get to a decent control position a few times, even if I wasn’t able to get much further than that. These minor successes were enough to give me hope that with more practice, I should be able to adapt Lovato’s guard passing strategy to my own game in such a way as to work a greater percentage of the time than what I’ve been doing so far (which hasn’t worked at all against anyone in the advanced class).

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