Tonight was somewhat of an off night. I felt fine during warm ups, despite a relative lack of sleep. My four year old daughter woke me up at 3:00am and I never really fell back asleep. Fortunately, we only did one sparring match. The person I was rolling with seemed like he shouldn’t have been too challenging. He was 36 years old and is about my build. I felt like we were about even technically. However, I was just not able to concentrate. He swept me with a basic Upa sweep, which I usually do a better job of defending. Then, when he had me in mount, I couldn’t seem to get my defenses going before he sunk in the Ezekiel choke (my Achilles heel when in bottom of mount). Then, we started again. I was doing Ok from closed guard for a while. Then, he got to half guard, and bread cutter choked me! Normally, I don’t get submitted from that position. Again, my hands were not in good defensive position. The only redeeming thing I did was in round three. I had him in top of turtle. I tried to take his back, but he almost escaped and was trying to choke me for a third time, when I did a fancy (for me) Granby roll, landing in side control. Despite being submitted several times, I thought I pulled off some decent moves during the match. I think consistency (and plugging a few holes in my defense) is my main challenge now, especially when my focus is gone due to lack of sleep.

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