We did some exercises during warmup to strengthen our core. I’m still feeling it in my abs as I write this. We worked on some variations of the basic arm bar from closed guard during the technique portion of the class. I was able to pair up with a blue belt for this portion, so I received a few helpful tips from him as well. Instead of sparring, we did a sitting guard drill, where one person starts in sitting guard, and the other is standing. The first one to score points or a submission gets to stay on the mat and a new partner rotates in. I went against two blue belts, and two white belts. I didn’t make much headway, although I got close to scoring points against one of the white belts. Actually, I think I did score points (meaning that I technically won), because I passed his guard and got knee on belly, but he didn’t acknowledge the pass, so we kept going until he finally swept me. The only match that threw me a bit was the one with one of the blue belts. It started off ok, with me trying to achieve side control and him defending. Eventually, I ended up inside his closed guard. I went for a Wilson pass, but he powered out of it, and went for a cross choke. I think he was a bit keyed up, because he brought his arm over my face so hard and fast, it was almost like getting a forearm in the teeth. Actually, that’s exactly what it was. I tapped, not because he was choking me, but because he was smashing my teeth with his forearm. It wouldn’t be something that would cause me to pass out in a real fight, but it was a bit painful. In a self defense situation, I would have had to have put up with it until I could find a way to alleviate the pressure (possibly ruining a few teeth, mine and or his, in the process), but this was just training, so I thought I’d give my teeth a break. In any case, it may not have been worth it for him to go that aggressive either. Even though he got the tap, I think he also got some teeth indentations in his forearm for his efforts (not intentional on my part). I was worried I might end up with a fat lip, but I think it should be fine in a little while. It might sound weird, but this is my version of having fun!

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