We worked on wrestling shots and sprawling tonight. Wrestling takedowns, such as the double leg takedown are highly effective, but only if you are fast and explosive. At my age, I doubt that I’ll get to the point where wrestling style takedowns will become a viable option for me. If I ever need to take someone down, I would probably go back to my Judo roots. My favorite Judo throws have always been sweeps, which tend to not be so hard on the knees. In any case, it’s good to practice defending against wrestling shots. Sprawling doesn’t seem to be as physically demanding as double leg take downs. We ended class with regular sparring as usual. The last guy I went against made me a little nervous, since he had cranked my neck pretty badly the last time we sparred. That was many months ago, so I figured I would do much better this time around. I was amazed, however, at just how much I had improved (or, at how much he had regressed) over the last six months. Even though I didn’t submit him, he never was really able to impose his game on me. What’s more, I came really close to getting him in an arm-bar from the top of turtle. He slipped out of it at the last minute, but that was partly because I was going slow and easy (which wouldn’t be the case in a non-training situation).

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