BJJ white belt phase three test results

I passed the phase belt three test with a score of 100%! However, the test wasn’t without its drama. Three people showed up to test today: one for phase belt one, another for phase belt two, and me. I think the coaches got confused, because they put me with the person testing for phase belt two and proceeded to put us both through the phase belt two test. I thought of saying something, but I wasn’t sure it wasn’t part of my phase belt three test. In any case, if I can’t show that I already know the phase belt two moves, why take the phase belt three test? There was only one problem. I hadn’t reviewed the phase belt two moves at all! That was a bit nerve racking. The good news is that even though I flubbed a few moves, I still managed to pass with 85%. I passed the phase belt two with 85% the first time as well, so at least I haven’t regressed. After making it through the phase belt two test, and learning that we all passed, I asked the coaches about phase belt three. They were impressed that I hadn’t said anything, and quickly ran me through the phase belt three test. Actually, all of this was a good rehearsal for the phase belt four test in two months. For phase belt four, I will have to teach a random ten moves chosen from phase belt one, two and three. I will be sure two review the moves from all three phases before going into that test. I must say, even though today’s test was a bit nerve racking, the fact that I went through the terrifying experience of being crushed by the sumo wrestler in yesterday’s class meant that today’s challenge didn’t seem nearly so scary.

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