The older I get, the more routines I seem to create for myself so that I don’t forget things. It doesn’t always work. This morning, when I went to prepare my gym bag for jiu jitsu, I discovered that I had never gotten my gi out of the washer from last time, meaning that it was still wet this morning. That meant I couldn’t leave it in the gym bag all day like I normally do. I tried not to panic. Part of jiu jitsu is adapting to unforeseen circumstances. I decided to hang my gi pants and gi jacket from the back of my car seats. I figured they would be dry by this afternoon. Of all days to have a tropical storm! My gi was still damp by the start of class. It wasn’t an ideal state of affairs, but it was workable. I went against two of the more experienced white belts during sparring. I believe the first guy outweighs me by 30 pounds or so. He immediately went to sitting guard, meaning that I had to go into bull fighting mode from a standing position in order to get past his knees. Well, I didn’t have to, but it seemed like the best strategy at the time. The problem was that he was really good at hand defense, so I couldn’t ever get a proper grip on his pant legs (which is normally what you’re supposed to do). I decided to try more or less diving for his hips. It sort of worked, but mostly not. I ended up tiring myself out, and he ended up submitting me at least twice after taking my back. I think he is getting pretty close to blue belt. He was using a few tricks that I have seen blue belts do, but haven’t yet mastered myself. The second guy is slightly smaller than me. I did pretty good at first, despite being tired out from the first match. I was able to quickly pass his guard and submit him with an arm bar. After that, he decided to stand up and work from the top. That was fine with me, except he started to turn on the gas to pass my guard, and my needle was just about on empty. He caught me with a bow and arrow choke. I think I got submitted so much, because I was just being sloppy tonight (and they are both as good, if not better, than me). I actually don’t care all that much. I like being able to push myself against partners that are as good as, or better, technically than me. I like to see what I can pull off (or how long I can defend, after screwing up an attack).

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