For my first match tonight, I was paired up with a blue belt. I thought I did pretty well, even though he did submit me once. The main reason for the submission is that I was trying out a move that I had only learned on Wednesday, and I hadn’t yet ironed out the kinks. However, I did get him in knee on belly position at one point, which is pretty good. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to do anything with it, because we ran out of mat space, so we had to start over after moving back onto the center of the mats. After a bit, we switched to me being on bottom. I think I did a pretty good job of not letting him pass my guard, although he was able to pass into side control eventually. I feel like I’m edging ever closer to the blue belts skill wise. The next person was a newer white belt. Unlike the blue belt, I quickly got the white belt in side control, then mounted him. He tried his best to buck me off, but I have a pretty good base by now. He made the mistake of trying to push on my chest with his hands, but I couldn’t quite get the arm bar set up. However, I did get my one leg past his arm and into a triangle set up. I was in the process of locking in the triangle but saw that his arm was now dangling in the wind, so I armbarred it for the tap. After we reset, it was the same story, only this time, I ended up taking his back. I was going to start working the kimura series of techniques that I had learned a few weeks ago, but the match ended. After class, the blue belt ultra heavy weight world champion, who had been watching me spar, complemented me on how well I had done. He even gave me a few pointers of things I could try for next time. When I asked him about the technique that I had tried on the other blue belt (the technique that got me submitted), he showed me some details about the technique that I had previously been unaware of. Based on what he showed me, I’m pretty sure I should be able to avoid getting submitted in the future when attempting that move.

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