Tonight, we did more back control drills. After Monday’s class, I checked on Youtube to see if I could find a good escape from the bow and arrow choke. I found one that seemed like it might work. It didn’t. It didn’t even slow down the blue belt I tried it on. Back to the drawing board. On a positive note, I think I was close to catching that same blue belt in a triangle and then an arm bar. I think he was letting me do the moves to some extent, so that he could practice escaping from them. However, in the case of the arm bar, I think I wasn’t far off from making him tap. The feedback that he gave me was that I should have thrust my hips up sooner. The big breakthrough of the night for me, though, was when another sparring partner (an advanced white belt) attempted to pass my guard after a failed triangle attempt on my part. Normally, when this happens, I wind up on the bottom of side control. But, this time, I tried a defense that I adapted from Saulo Ribeiro’s book. It actually worked! If I can repeat the defense in the future on a consistent basis, it should make passing my guard much more difficult.

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