I have been studying triangle escapes over the last few days in an attempt to plug this hole in my defense. I mainly worked on trying to visualize my response if my right arm got caught inside. Unfortunately, I got caught in a triangle tonight in which my left arm was inside. I tried my best to do my defense, but the blue belt I was working with was too fast, and I was being too hesitant as I worked through my mind what I was supposed to do. I think I may need to focus more on recognizing triangle setups and avoiding those, since I’m probably going to have a hard time powering out of the triangle, once it’s locked on. The only triangle escape that has consistently worked for me is the leg over body defense. However, I often get confused in the heat of battle as to proper leg placement for that escape. I’m still going to try to play with it to see if I can get it to work for me, since most of the other triangle escapes require upper body strength that I don’t have. The leg over body escape is the one that Chael Sonnen tried during the fifth round of his title fight against middle weight champ Anderson Silva. According to Ryron and Rener Gracie’s explanation in their breakdown of the fight, Sonnen made the mistake of leaving his elbow pointing the wrong way, which allowed Silva to add an arm bar into the mix and force Sonnen to tap. Even though the escape didn’t work for Sonnen, I still think I might be able to make it work for me, with a little more practice.

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