Tonight was a good mixture of offense and defense practice. I did a lot of offense against my first sparring partner, passing his guard multiple times, and setting up several submission attempts. He was smaller and more wiry than me, making it difficult to control him for long, since he was pretty good at wiggling his way out of tight controls. It was quite a workout. The second guy was bigger than me, but less experienced, so I decided to play possum (so that I could rest a bit after the first match). After letting him get side control, I worked my defense until I was able to get out from under him and into his guard. He went for a triangle, but I maintained good posture, and managed to use a triangle escape that I had had trouble with previously. This time it worked. The third guy was one of the tougher blue belts in the class. I thought I gave him a run for his money, and even managed to get him into a triangle setup, even though he eventually escaped. Although he caught me in an arm bar (my achilles heel), I was able to defend against the arm bar for longer than the last time a blue belt attacked me with an arm bar. Of course, the fact that he had pretty good sized biceps, compared to my skinny arms, didn’t exactly help my efforts to keep him from straightening my arm out. Still, each time I get caught in an arm bar or arm bar setup, I’m mounting an increasingly effective defense. Hopefully, it won’t take much longer for me to have an effective arm bar defense and escape strategy. Once that happens, and once I perfect my triangle defense and escape strategy, I should be much harder to submit, meaning that I will be able to start giving the blue belts a much harder time.

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