I passed my white belt phase 2 test with 85%. Normally, the test would be held on a Saturday, but the coach was planning on attending a seminar, so he gave me the test while the others were sparring. Mainly, the moves that I messed up were the ones where I had only seen the video, but never drilled it in class. The one slight exception was the spider guard to triangle. Even though I had never drilled the entire sequence in class, I’ve drilled the triangle lots of times, and have even pulled it off in live sparring against a few of the white belts. The irony is that I did the spider guard part (the part I’ve never drilled) perfectly, but messed up the triangle. For some reason, my legs were not cinching around my partner’s neck properly. I think his neck was too skinny, because I don’t normally have that much trouble locking it in. I finished my test just in time to catch a bit of the last round of sparring. The really cool part was that I was able to pull off one of the moves against my sparring partner that I had just demonstrated as part of my test! The move is called the collar drag. You’re sitting and the other guy is standing. You grab his collar, scoot to the side, and drag him to the ground. If you time it just right, he will practically fall on his face. I like the move because I’m able to capitalize on my knowledge of timing and off-balancing (learned from years of Judo training) to make the move really sparkle. He went from standing over me to being flat on his belly with me on his back before he even knew what hit him. From there, it didn’t take long to sink in a rear naked choke. It was a truly glorious end to tonight’s class, even if the guy was a rather inexperienced white belt.

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