I went against the heaviest guy in class again tonight, but this time I did much better. Rather than trying to treat him like any other opponent, I decided to capitalize on my strengths (I’m lighter, faster, and more flexible than him), while exploiting his weaknesses (he is slow, and doesn’t yet have a solid base). At one point, he tried to pin me in half guard (the way he did last time), but I hip-escaped out from under him, while applying a shoulder lock. He didn’t tap (a common white belt thing), but I could tell from the wince on his face that I should let go. The next person was female (so not as strong physically as me, but fairly skilled for a white belt). I was happy with how our match turned out, because I was able to pull off a guard passing sequence against her without getting triangle choked. I think the reason I got triangled the last time was that I was being too hesitant. Tonight, I went right into the move and established side control.

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