I went against two white belts tonight in sparring. The first guy was younger, but less experienced. I had him in some good dominant positions and threatened him with a few triangles, before he swept me. Still, I was happy with my guard work against him, and he didn’t submit me. The next guy was a more advanced white belt than me. I did manage to pass his guard and work a few things, but he was pretty strong, and reversed me. I think my guard defense is improving, because he had to work to get past my legs. Even though he caught me in an arm triangle at the end, he did compliment me on my defense, and said he really had to work hard for the submission. I think because I’m older, weaker, and slower than most of the others, I have had little choice but to keep honing my defense. The good part about that is that it has made me more bold in trying my hand at offense. I’m not really afraid anymore of trying something, having it not work, and getting submitted, since I’ve gotten reasonably good at defending against submissions (at least, for someone of my level). Little by little, I think the beginnings of a solid jiu jitsu game are coming together for me.

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