Tonight was a good workout in terms of cardio. We did some guard passing drills that required a bit of endurance, so that was nice. I like to do drills. That’s the way you get good. The first guy I sparred with is probably the heaviest guy in the class. He probably outweighs me by at least 80 pounds. All I could do was keep him in guard or half guard, and defend against kimuras. When you go against someone like that, you don’t move them. You wait for them to move themselves, and look for openings as they move. The second guy was more my size. For a change, he was less experienced than me, so I was able to easily maintain dominant positions. It was nice to finally be able to try and set up various submissions. I had him in a triangle choke at one point, but I decided to transition to an arm bar. He was trying to stand up at that point. I think if I had either fought harder for the triangle, or pulled more aggressively on the arm bar (ala Royce Gracie vs. Jason DeLucia in UFC 2), I would have made him tap. However, more aggression on the arm bar might have snapped his arm, and fighting for the triangle would only make sense in a real fight. Since this was just practice, I decided to let go of the hold and move on to something else, rather than waste energy needlessly. The third guy ended up triangling me. I was trying a risky guard pass sequence that leaves you vulnerable to triangles. After he got the triangle, I decided to try a leg scissor escape, but I forgot to get one of my legs into the correct position, which made it possible for him to roll to top position. I need to study that escape some more to better understand where things went off the rails.

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