I did pretty well tonight against my two sparring partners. Both of them were experienced white belts, but neither of them was able to achieve a dominant position against me. Even better, I almost had one of them in an omoplata (a shoulder lock done with the legs), but he rolled out of it. The next move for me in such a situation would be to establish side control, but he was too quick for me. He turned into me and attempted to drive me onto my back, so I sprawled, and swung around behind him. I almost hooked his leg with one of my legs, but he hunkered down in turtle position. He then granby rolled out of it, and brought me into his guard. From there, he kept up a good pace of attacks. For a white belt, he had a very active guard. He even almost swept me, but I transitioned to half guard before he could pull it off. I think if I could improve my guard passing and could learn to defend against guard passes better, I would finally be able to go more on the offensive. Right now, I’m playing a lot more defense than offense, which means that I have less opportunities to attempt submissions. However, if I could improve in those two areas, I could probably get to a point where I might actually submit people every now and again.

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