My defense seems to be getting better and better. Tonight, I sparred against a blue belt and a phase three white belt, and neither was able to submit me. For that matter, neither of them was able to sweep me while I maintained top position, which probably means my base is improving. The one thing that is still posing difficulties is when the bottom person wraps the gi tail around the back of my neck for a brabo choke attempt while I’m in his guard. While I didn’t get swept or submitted with it tonight, I also was stuck inside his guard, unable to escape or pass. I kept pressing my forearm on his midsection in an attempt to make him carry my weight and lose some air, with the thought that he might eventually get tired of it and let go of my gi tail to try something else. The match ended with him still stubbornly hanging on. I think an upper belt probably would have let go and tried something else, but maybe not. Anyway, as my confidence in my defense builds, I’m starting to feel more bold in trying out offensive moves. I would say guard passing is probably one of the main things I need to improve with respect to my offense. I did attempt a gi tail Wilson pass tonight, but wasn’t able to get into a position perpendicular to his body, making it almost impossible for me to uncross his legs with the move. I think I need to study the video of that move some more, because I’m pretty sure I’m missing some minor detail.

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