BJJ white belt phase 1 test results

Well, I passed…but just barely! I scored 80%. I had to demonstrate ten moves. Each mistake was a half point deduction. The tester (who also teaches my mixed levels classes) is a tough grader. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m still technically a white belt, but now I will be able to wear a white belt with one blue stripe in the middle, denoting that I have learned all 27 phase belt 1 techniques (belts that are not a solid color are not officially recognized by the IBJJF, but are sometimes used by certain schools, because it can take as long as three or four years to go from one belt to the next. BJJ probably has the most stringent promotion requirements of any martial art). Here were my deductions: 1. Half point deducted for leaning over too far while standing up in partner’s closed guard for guard break (making it easy for him to pull you back to the ground) 2. Half point deducted for not scooting out away from partner’s body before doing the knee tap sweep from half guard (Making it much more difficult to apply the needed leverage to push him over) 3. Full point deduction on bread cutter choke: 3a. Half point for having my right arm on the outside of my partner’s right arm, rather than between his arm and his body (allowing him to easily pull his arm away and use it defensively) 3b. Half point for having my left fingers inside my partner’s left lapel, rather than my left thumb inside his lapel (making it more difficult to secure a tight choke)

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