Since I’m still having trouble with the defense against an ezekiel choke, I all but let my first sparring partner have the mount so I could practice it. I managed to hold him off a little longer than the guy on Monday, but I’m still clearly missing something, as he was able to sink it in without too much difficulty. Obviously, the ideal answer is to not let someone mount you, but I’m trying to train for worst case scenarios. The next guy was a blue belt. He submitted me twice, once with a triangle, and another time with an arm bar. Other than that, I think I did pretty well. He was just clearly way ahead of me in terms of skill. The third guy was also a blue belt, but he was rather large, so he mercifully held back on me. None of that really matters for now. The main thing is to stay healthy and injury free until Saturday, when I’m due to take the phase belt test.

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